With the Toprebar mesh produced by our company that have been subjected to tests according to the norms in force, we cover the entire range of geogrids and conventional ones intended for constructions of any kind.

FRP reinforcing mesh for road / railways infrastructure
FRP reinforcing meshes for reinforcing concrete elements in construction
FRP reinforcing meshes for screed / plaster

We produce over 200 types of meshes, dimensions of 2m x 6m, or 25-50m rolls, with reinforcement diameter between 1,5 - 12mm, any weave dimensions.

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Trial report RI-21.10.278/2 din 15.11.2021 Certificate of homologation no 427 from 18.11.2021

FRP reinforcement mesh
are used as products for the reinforcement of concrete elements, in constructions:

- civil, industrial, agro-zootechnical;
- terrestrial communication channels;
- hydrotechnical constructions;

in the form of:

  • beams, pillars, boards, walls
  • columns, piles, masonry blocks,
  • concrete blocks for protection of banks and slopes,
  • pavers for floors and parking platforms,
  • urban furniture.

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