FRP Pile Wall

The piles are used in consolidation works, to stabilize the ground or to support the excavations.

FRP Pile Wall

An important role of the drilled pilots is the one that targets the infrastructure, in this case the construction of dams, roads, bridges or tunnels.
Drilled piles are the subject of the foundation branch and are in fact a type of special foundation, which requires modern technologies and extensive geotechnical studies. Their considerable dimensions (length) help a lot, because in this way the pilots can reach the resistant layers of the ground, thus anchoring the construction to be built.
In our factory we can produce any size in diameter and any length, these being determined by the possibilities of the transport beneficiaries.
The technology used allows us to produce stirrups in any size, depending on the beneficiary's project.

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Brasov - Sighisoara tunnel


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we can produce fiberglass stirrups in any size, depending on the beneficiary's project.