Rear pneumatic suspension, retarder, tachograph, 190 HP, (7,4 tons) EURO 6, Year of manufacture 2019

29+1+1 seats


Stainless steel structure;

Aluminum and fiberglass bodywork;

Luggage volumes on the sides and rear (from composite materials);

Interior walls from fiberglass, with plush upholstery;

Two passenger doors electric operated, BCE Italy brand;

Steps for access made with stainless steel structure amd covered with parts made from moulded composite materials;

Lighting at the acces steps with LED and silicon protection;

Thermal and phonic insulation of the passenger compartment with polystyren;

Fitting floor for mounting the seats, protected against the water infiltration to the body;

Anti skid linoleum, wear-resistant in tune with the interior, raised on the lateral sides until under the rails;

Glass hatch with emergency exit;

The upper glass from the front door with defroster;

Defroster driver window with electric drive; 

Left and right front windows from the driver`s vision with defroster;

Double glazed with UV protection (extra dark);

Curtains to each window in the passenger compartment;

Air conditioning 14.5 kW Autoclima;     

Kit compresor AC support driven separate by the motor belt, for delimiting the Mercedes maintenance activity / Body Builder;

Climate pipes with luggage rack, made from composite materials,  with air nozzles and reading lights for each seat , including the driver;

AC free distribution grids on the upper piping, to make possible the cooling of the windows when the passengers close the individual grids;

Lighting passenger compartment with longitudinal profiles - white LEDs;

Ambiental lighting (blue / red LEDs) on the airpipes ornamental profiles, longitudinal;

Webasto AT Evo stationary heater 5.5 kW (air)  - pre-heated air intake from the bus inside (grids made from stainles steel);

Mounting rails for fixing the seats- one on the wall, one on the floor;

Plush seats 29 pcs. reclinable, plush upholstery, handrest toward the corridor, safety belts;

Guide seat;

Driver seat with mechanical suspension and armrest;

Sun visor equipment for passenger compartment, sun visor for the driver and guide, manually operated;

Handholds at the entrance, from stainless steel, fixed with stainless bolts; 

Protection partition behind the driver and at the rear door on left and right side, from stainless steel, fixed with bolts;

MP3 radio with USB slot, auxiliary exit with microphone;

Electronic clock ;

LDWS system for warning the involuntary lane change;

Preparation for LCD, reversing camera mounting and monitoring system;

Body painting in white;

Main switch operated through the ignition key for separating the MERCEDES maintenance activity / Body Builder;

Fuses panel and electrical relays, with door for easy access and scheme with functions and amperage;

Mini-hammer for glass breaking in emergency;

First aid kit ( 2 pcs );

Fire Extinguishers ( 1 pcs );

Homologation CE - C.O.C.

Important: Materials and solutions used for standard equipment

Electrical installations equipped with jacks for inexpensive maintenance, safe, protected with corrugated tube and insulated against noise and vibration, with Tubolit;

All bolts / nuts related with the works that require periodic reviews, are marked with paint (seals) to identify unapproved interventions;

Fixing the installations, wiring, heating ducts and AC with necklaces, and in the principal areas, with metallic necklaces;

Sealing of technological gaps through which pass the hoses of AC and heating and electrical installations, with mastic;

Ideograms and inscriptions according EU rules are glued on plastic support for maximum grip;

Constructor plates, vehicle identification / weights and dimensions / AC, made from plastic materiale, engraved;

The plate specifying the type of freon, quantity and compressor belt, made of high resistant plastic.