FRP mesh for fences

More resistant over time!
Weaved (connections do not brake).
Returns to its original form after mechanical actions.
Light weight, which makes it much easier to mount.
Animals avoid crunch it because it stings.
Meshes with wire diameter Ø3 – Ø4 are recommended to be used instead of edged galvanized fence panels.

Shatterproof and radio-transparent in accordance with ICAO standards, Annex 14 Volume 1 "Aerodrome Design and Operations".

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Trial report RI-21.10.278/2 din 15.11.2021 Certificate of homologation no 427 from 18.11.2021

FRP fence mesh
the best solution for fencing, without maintenance costs even in the long term.
Customized for customer requirements by using pigments in the resin bath during the manufacturing process to achieve the desired RAL color, respect the vernacular architecture, national symbolism, security symbolism and brand colors.
recommended at:

  • fences enclosures,
  • sport grounds,
  • work site protection,
  • garden arches,
  • urban furniture.

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