Also known as minipiles, pin piles, needle piles, and root piles, are a deep foundation element constructed using high-strength, small-diameter steel casing and/or threaded bars.
The ground is drilled, the fiberglass tubes are inserted, cemented to support the existing structures during excavation in the surrounding areas, to counteract the uplift forces, to stabilize the slopes and for seismic rehabilitation.

Fiberglass micropiles

  • Slope stabilization;
  • Strengthen the foundations;
  • Seismic retrofitting;
  • Support for excavations;
  • Easy to install in limited spaces;
  • There are no harmful vibrations or noise to the surrounding structures;
  • Provides structural support.

Fiberglass tubes used to reinforce tunnels
outer/inner diameters: 40/60, 48/60, 60/76, 100/120 mm.

It is used to strengthen soft soils, especially clayey ones, to make the excavation safer and to prevent displacement or deformation of the excavated material. In practice, the land to be excavated is preemptively perforated over the entire section through longitudinal holes at the excavation, having lengths of up to 20 meters and a diameter of 100-200 mm. Fiberglass tubes are inserted into these holes and then cemented into the bore using special pumps. This process achieves the consolidation of the land, giving it optimal mechanical characteristics. The consolidation prevents a possible yielding of the ground inside the tunnel during the excavation phase. The ground thus consolidated can then be safely excavated like soft rock. Although the mechanical characteristics of the field have been considerably improved, the fiberglass tubes can be removed without difficulty due to the typical brittle fracture and low cutting strength.


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