Poles of the future

Poles for power lines distribution / telecommunications / lighting / ornamental / traffic lights

We recommend that you calculate the costs of the complete project, in order to find that our price is the lowest on the market in terms of electric poles. Calculating the costs of assembly, grounding materials, transportation, handling and maintenance, the price of a fiberglass pole, which is apparently higher, is ultimately lower and clearly higher in quality, than heavy, corrosive materials and with high impact on electromagnetic pollution.

Reduced logistics cost

Low transportation and handling costs due to low weight as well as a easier and faster installation (can be mounted manually, no equipment needed).

Mechanical resistence

It absorbs more energy on impact compared to steel or wood, resulting in less damage to vehicles in road accidents.


Designed for a service life of more than 30 years, does not require maintenance (repainting).

Non corrosive

Resistant to contact with various chemicals, especially acids, alkaline substances and solvents.
They do not rust or rot.

Electrical insulation

High insulating properties provide increased safety for workers and the public.

Atmospheric resistance

Great weather resistance and extreme tasks caused by severe weather.

100% Recyclable

Damaged fiberglass poles can be repaired / refitted by our company or handed over to recycling / shredding companies for reintroduction into the circuit.


They are not subject to the battery effect, unlike concrete poles.

No pollution

They do not contribute and are not affected by current pollution dispersion that originate in various industrial sources and from the energy transmission / distribution / use chain electric.


Designed for a service life of more than 30 years, does not require maintenance (repainting).


Does not require additional insulators between the pole and the protective connections.

Uninteresting for theft

Cannot be materialized in case of thefts.


Quick and economical installation / replacement

Quick join NUT - optional

The NUT fixed below the ground level according to the adjacent images resists over time for several generations of poles (end of life or the damaged ones). The assembly system and the manufacturing technology of the fiberglass poles are also permissive to the requirements of replacement with other poles with increased tensile strength, the thickening of the wall being outward.

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Example / Possibility of maintenance and appearance at the base of the pole:

Capac vizitare
Access cover
Access cover with dimensions of 300mm x 80mm.
Consola stalp
Pole console
(2800mm x 110mm x90mm)

(2200mm x 110mm x90mm)

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Handling and transport advantages

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Minimal handling costs
Being very light, the poles can be handled manually (without machines).
Incarcare manuala p3
Ultra advantageous transport cost
Such a load, with an average of 150 fiberglass poles are inserted, reduces the costs by about 10 transports of concrete poles. Having an empty interior, 2, 3, 4 pcs can be inserted into each other.


Power line distribution

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Telecommunications poles

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Lighting poles

Stalp ornamental
Ornamental poles